2019精选教育高一英语优质课件:Unit5 Nelson Mandela-a modern hero

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Period 6 Writing

Lead in
Guess who he or she is.


No.2 No.3


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How to write about a great person
Let me think about it!

Before writing you can follow these steps: ? collect ideas for the letter ? write them down in any order ? sort them out in an order or ? Put those idea into a form so that you
can easily see them ? Use the form to help you as you write.

In this unit we have learned a lot about the modern hero--Nelson Mandela. Can you give me some information about him?

Life of Nelson Mandela

Born July 18, 1918 near Transkei (South Africa)

1937 Entry university but did not complete degree

1940 Formed ANC Youth League


Set up law office to help poor black people in Johannesburg

1952 attacked anti-black law


Government by and for white people set up in south Africa

1962 Encouraged violence against anti-black laws

1963 Led ANC to blow up government buildings

Enjoy the sample
Read the letter first, then tell me how to write a persuasion letter.

? Suggested answer


Jinan No. 1 Middle School


Shandong, China


May 27, 1989

? Dear President,

? I am writing to ask you to free Nelson Mandela.

Here are some reasons why I think he should be


? As we all know, people with different colors

should be equal. Nelson Mandela devoted all his

life to realize this dream. In 1944, he founded the

ANC Youth League to call on people to struggle

for their rights to vote. In 1952, he opened a law

office to help the poor black people in

Johannesburg on their problems. The black

people loved him.

? In 1962, Mandela encouraged people to use

violence against anti-black laws to get their rights,

so he was sentenced t 5 years hard labor. One

year later, as one of the leaders of ANC, he led

them to blow up the government buildings to

realize their dream of making black and white

people equal, so that he was again sentenced to

prison for life on Robben Island until now.

? I think, what he did was for his people, his

country, not for himself. He has an unselfish and

brave heart. As he is a great man, you should set

him free.

? Best whishes!


Yours truly,


Li Hua

Structure of such letters
Part 1: A small paragraph Reason for the letter
Part 2: Body paragraphs reasons in detail Personal information Hard work achievements Good qualities
Part 3: Closing paragraph Your opinion


Write the letter in groups with the information in the form.

Find reasons to persuade somebody else to agree with your point of view

After finish the letter, let’s share it by reading it out.

Try to write a persuasion letter
? Suppose you are going to write a letter to the senior organizers of the Nobel Prize to persuade them to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Mother Teresa.
? Read the information given below.

For example: A possible version
Mother Teresa
Personal Was born in Yugoslavia, on August 27, information 1910, a nurse

Hard work Help the poor and comforting the

achievement dying in the street of the city; her

work spread to others part of India.

Good qualities

Hard-working, kind-hearted , persistent

Your opinion

A well-known person , give her the prize

? Suggested answers
? Dear senior organizers:
? I am writing to ask you to give the Nobel Peace Prize to Mother Teresa. Here are some reasons why I think she should be given the prize.
? Mother Teresa was born in Yugoslavia, on August 27, 1910. When she was 20 years old, she went to India, Where she began to be a teacher. After the training, she was sent to Calcutta, where she taught geography at a school and soon after she became headmistress.
? However, although she loved teaching, in 1946 Mother Teresa left the school and trained to become a nurse in Patna, and then began her work helping the poor and comforting the dying in the streets of the city. Slowly others came to

? help her, and her work spread to other parts of Indian. She became a well-known person. When she travels the world, she opens many new schools and hospitals in poor countries.
? She is known for many great achievements . because of her hard work, kindness and persistence. I think she is really a great person in my eyes. We should give her the Nobel Peace Prize.

Read a passage about a great person or write a short passage about a great person in your hometown.


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